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Drilling and Test Borings for Soil, Groundwater and Bedrock Investigations

Point to Point Environmental offers drilling and test boring installation services to provide for our clients’ needs and to gather the required data.

Utilizing a variety of drilling technologies selected based on site specific requirements, Point to Point to Environmental can install:
Soil test holes
Soil borings
Conduct rock investigations
Conduct rock coring
Groundwater monitoring well installation

Point to Point Environmental staff summarizes all field parameters and observations within thorough soil boring logs and rock coring logs that are prepared for inclusion within report documentation. The locations of soil test holes, borings, piezometers and groundwater monitoring wells are added to the site plan and vertically surveyed to that additional groundwater and hydrogeologic studies can be conducted, as required. During the drilling activities, standard penetration testing (SPT), cone penetration (CPT), test soundings, and down-hole geophysical surveys can be used to evaluate subsurface characteristics. Point to Point Environmental also has experience with the latest in subsurface investigation technology including membrane interface probe (MIP), hydraulic profiling tool (HPT), down hole electrical conductivity and light induced fluoresce (LIF).

Point to Point Environmental partners with local drilling subcontractors to ensure the most knowledgeable and cost effective strategies are employed on your project. If you have questions about the geotechnical investigation process please contact Point to Point at 678-565-4440.