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Oversight for Emergency Response Activities

Point to Point Environmental has observed many small spills and minor crises become large, traumatic and very costly emergencies response situations. This is an unfortunate occurrence, especially when it is a result of a small spill that is not properly and immediately controlled. Fortunately, large emergencies are uncommon, and with the proper oversight and prompt mitigation efforts employed, the costs associated with a spill of petroleum fuels or hazardous materials can be diminished by tens of thousands of dollars. Although Point to Point Environmental does not provide 24-hour emergency response activities, we want to be your second telephone call during an emergency spill response situation. Point to Point Environmental provides oversight for emergency response activities including project management, regulatory interface, impacted media sampling, coordination of transportation and disposal of wastes, site remediation and site restoration.


All spills of oil or hazardous materials, no matter the volume, must be cleaned up. It is the duty of the responsible party to take any and all sensible and necessary steps to prevent injury to people, property and waters of the state. Though only spills of a volume that exceeds the reporting limits or impacts a sensitive receptor must be reported to the applicable regulatory authorities, spills that meet specific parameters must be reported within a defined time period. In some instances, releases must be reported IMMEDIATELY, without regard to the specific circumstances. Any facility or property owner that regularly stores or handles petroleum fuels, oils or hazardous materials should have an emergency preparedness plan in place that includes the contact information for an emergency response contractor and the applicable federal, state and local emergency response notification requirements. Emergency prepardness plans contain much of the same information as is included within annual Tier II reporting. The emergency preparedness plan should also outline site specific details for the circumstances that apply to their facility so that all employees understand their emergency spill reporting obligations. A quicker response time can result in lower costs.


Though Point to Point Environmental does not provide 24-hour emergency spill response, our oversight services may result in a significant reduction in associated cleanup time and costs. Once an emergency you may have is abated, we can offer investigation and remediation services that will be necessary to complete site cleanup. Point to Point Environmental understands that our strongest services include environmental assessment, remediation, and regulatory interface, and these services will be of great importance in both the short-term and long-term corrective action activities that will be required to address an emergency spill response.


There is a time during every emergency spill response that the situation changes from an emergency response activity to a characteristic environmental assessment and remediation activity. When you have Point to Point Environmental providing oversight of the emergency response activities, we identify this critical time so that the costs associated with the emergency response activities cease, allowing a cost effective assessment and remediation solution to begin to take shape. Most emergency response companies are extremely competent at what they do, but they often throw their entire toolbox at a problem, and are often slow to downshift the response level (and costs) when a true emergency has been abated. Point to Point Environmental provides professional and sensible environmental solutions that will rectify a problem to the satisfaction of the regulatory authorities while providing well documented cost justification for insurance companies.


Point to Point Environmental recommends ensuring all of your employees have been properly trained to understand your facility emergency preparedness plan and the proper response activities. Point to Point Environmental also recommends outfitting your facilities, vehicles and employees with simple spill response kits that can be used to address minor spills to the ground surface. In the event of a spill, having a common item (sorbent boom, sorbent pads) can result in significant cost savings.


There is no time like the present to review your emergency preparedness plan and to update the training and knowledge of your staff. In the event of an emergency spill response, after you have notified the proper authorities and an emergency response contractor, contact Point to Point Environmental at 678-565-4440 for professional consulting services and environmental solutions.