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Remediation Services

Point to Point Environmental has extensive experience with active environmental remediation of soil, groundwater and surface water contamination. If the soil and groundwater site assessment completed at your property has concluded that a cleanup is required, Point to Point Environmental provides turnkey remediation services and builds a collaborative relationship among owners, regulatory authorities and subcontractors ensuring all active remediation projects achieve the cleanup objectives within established budgets. Point to Point Environmental understands how important it is that all remediation projects are completed with minimal interference with ongoing site business and/or development activities.


Remedial action plans are often described as Remediation Investigations, Feasibilities Studies, Corrective Action Plans, and/or Phase III Environmental Site Assessment activities. A remedial action plan in intended to present a comprehensive outlook of the environmental impacts on a property and present an evaluation of remedial alternatives in addition to a proposed recommendation for site remediation. Point to Point Environmental addresses all concerns within detailed remedial action plans to ensure environmental cleanup success.


Point to Point Environmental utilizes a variety of both in-situ and ex-situ remediation services including short-term and fixed based remediation services. Depending on the contaminants of concern, site conditions, lithology and impacted environmental media, Point to Point Environmental will develop a site specific resolution to every environmental remediation project.


Point to Point Environmental remediation services include:


  • Remedial Action Plans, Remediation Investigations, Feasibilities Studies, Corrective Action Plans and/or Phase III Environmental Site Assessment activities.

  • Feasibility Studies and Pilot Testing of alternative remedial technologies.

  • Evaluation, selection and design of remedial alternatives based on site specific and client needs.

  • Coordination of the installation process including examination and acquisition of all necessary permits, construction drawings, and management of all subcontractors including utility services installation.

  • Waste characterization, profiling, handling, containerization, transportation and disposal.

  • Remediation system start-up activities including flow rate, vacuum/pressure balancing and optimization.

  • Long-term remediation system operation and maintenance (O&M) activities including recording system outputs, routine system maintenance, monitoring of systems via remote telemetry, efficiency maximization, timely response to system shutdown and alarm troubleshooting.

  • Periodic compliance sampling and remedial progress monitoring and reporting.

  • System decommissioning including well abandonment, utility deactivation, property restoration and abandonment of all system components.


    Remediation technologies successfully employed by Point to Point Environmental include:


  • Source removal including soil excavation.

  • Onsite ex-situ soil treatment and landfarming.

  • In-situ soil treatment and mixing.

  • Groundwater migration barrier walls and reactive barrier walls.

  • In-situ chemical oxidation and surfactant flushing applications.

  • In Situ Groundwater Bioaugmentation.

  • Soil vapor extraction.

  • Air sparging.

  • Multi-phase extraction (MPE).

  • Dual-phase extraction (DPE).

  • Conventional pump and treat.

  • Metals Precipitation.

  • Enhanced groundwater recirculation including biological and chemical augmentation.

  • Off-gas treatment including vapor phase carbon treatment and both catalytic and thermal contaminant destruction.


    Point to Point Environmental partners with local subcontractors to provide cost effective mobile remediation technologies, short-term intervention and abatement measures, and remedial strategies that adapt to the current needs at times when the installation of a fixed based remedial alternative is not logistically feasible or effective.


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